krakatau volcano


krakatau Valcano

The Krakatoa Volcano – Krakatau Volcano Indonesia this group of island consists of three islands and one volcano. These islands and volcano were formerly a single giant ancient Krakatoa – Krakatau volcano. It believed that the ancient volcano erupted at around 600 AD and tore apart in to 3 islands which now surrounded the current active volcano. Due to the volcanic activities, once again the southern part of he remain grew up and formed a new volcano, followed by the growth of other two volcano to its north and joined up together formed a 9 km of length and 3 km of width of fire island.

August 27, 1883 was recorded as the biggest eruption the volcano ever made. Killed more than 36.000 peoples, devastated the surrounding area with it’s 30 -40 m high of tidal wave. The two volcanoes on the north plus half cone of the southern volcano were gone. The baby volcano it self just grew around 30 years the big bang. The smoking cone you now see is a grandchild of Krakatau, Anak Krakatau (the Baby of Krakatau), which first appeared in 1929 and has been growing yearlyAmple time to climb on moon like landscape Actual height of  old Krakatoa – Krakatau 813 M. Actual height of anak ( child ) of Krakatau 194 M in 1987. and 300 m in 2006 which in 1927 emerged from the bottom of the sea. Trip depend on the demand and availability 10 hours or 6 hours on day trip. Also possible stay over night Camping at Krakatau Island.  Boat available from Carita.1 up to 1,5 hours by speed boat 3 up to 4 hours by Slow wooden boat.


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